Please contact us at volunteer@khcc-nyc.org for more information.

KHCC provides resources to empower Bronx residents by providing an environment that fosters academic milestones, literacy, mental health support, nutrition, technology, and the arts.

As with every aspect of our community, the KHCC volunteer program has had to make changes due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We are still offering volunteer opportunities in a limited capacity. Please see the link below for the current list of volunteer slots:

Second Saturday Garden Days

KHCC seeks volunteers through three main areas:

  • Service & Skills - Corporate engagement, family and community service
  • Membership - Board of Directors and Advisory Boards
  • Weekly internships & volunteerism 

Seeking Individuals with the following talents and expertise:

  • Contacts with the Kingsbridge Armory
  • Contacts with politicians
  • Contacts at foundations
  • Marketing skills
  • Software skills
  • Data skills
  • Development or real estate skills
  • Employment and immigration Lawyers
  • Carpentry or cabinet making