Space Rental

Let KHCC host your next party!

Have your next event at our historic 1901-landmark building!

The beautifully restored dining room and dance floor are available for private parties, receptions, and dinners. This unique space, which has a capacity for 100 people, is equipped with tables and chairs, and professionally-equipped kitchen space.

Space Rental Prices:

Front Room: $210hr for events (80 people w/ tables and chairs).

4 Hour Minimum.

Front Room: $110hr For meetings only (100 seated/standing)

Gym: $235hr For meetings only

Gym: $135hr for sporting events only (no food or beverages allowed)

Lower Garden: $70hr   (30 people) (playground not included)*

Upper Garden: $100hr Individual or Meeting Only(playground not included)*

Amphitheater: $200hr for events (100 people) (playground not included)*

-    Refundable $500 security deposit at the end of your event as long as party abides by contract terms.

NO alcohol, candles or smoking on the premises.

-    Included in the $210hrly rental fee are the following:

          - Tables & Chairs, your choice of round or rectangular tables

          - Utilization of the kitchen, but you cannot use the stove and oven

          - Utilization of a small fridge 

-    Hours for events: Saturday 3pm - 12am & Sunday 10am - 12am (Outdoor reservations available as early as 9am must conclude by 10pm)

-    Free 1hr set up time before the start of your event

-    Free half hour to remove your materials at the end of the event. WE do all the cleaning.

-    If you are in need of an Event Planner/Decorator, KHCC will make a recommendation but party is responsible for establishing under a separate, independent contract.

For further information, contact 718-884-0700 ext. 100 or

* Please note if an event is occurring in the Front Room, the Kitchen will be unavailable for use.

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