The KHCC Team

Derwin Greene
Director of Tween SONYC Program
Hajnalka "Hanna" Gabris
Director of Special Needs
Humberto Cruz
Director of Education
Jane Folloro
Director of ESOL
Jessica Cuevas
Director of Teen Center
Julie Rosa
Human Resources Specialist
Karen Brooks
Early Head Start Director of Family Services
Lamont Jackson
Director of After School
Luz Pena
Director of Family Childcare
Melissa Yurdin
Director of Clinical Services
Noris DeJesus-Petrone
Director of Changing Futures
Norma Collado
Director of Health and Safety
Robert Peralta
Director of Buildings and Ground
William Littleton
Director of Development and Healthy Communities
Andrea Madaio
Faye M. Cohen
Geoffrey Smith
James Blanco
Janet Athanasidy
Jillian John
Joseph O'Doherty
Justine Koons
Lisa Lindvall
Rashan Fray
Richard O'Brien
Robert Holo, Esq.
2nd Vice Chairperson
Saira Dayal
Yeniset Estrella
Janine O'Connor
Chief Co-Officer, Early Childhood
Margaret Della
Executive Director
Marisol Rios
Chief Co-Officer, Early Childhood
Sadie Mahoney
Chief Officer of Youth and Family