Early Learn NY/Head Start 23-24

Starts: Sep 01, 2022,    Ends: Sep 01, 2024

Early Learn NY, - 3 and 4 year olds. Contact KHCC 

As part of this program, your child will:

  • Create Works of Art
  • Engage in Imaginative Play
  • Develop Early Language Skills
  • Enhance Social Skills

These activities will help prepare your child for success in  a school environment and life.

Extended childcare for after school hours are available. This option is available to qualified families.

For more information on all our services, please contact the Early Childhood Services Office at 718.884.0700 x 112

Attention: KHCC is pausing all Early Head Start (EHS) programming in the Family Child Care (FCC) and Baby School until further notice.

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Contact People

Dayana Licona
ELNY Director
Maria Teresa Salgado
Director of Operations