Early Head Start 22-23

Starts: Sep 01, 2022,    Ends: Aug 30, 2023

Due to Covid-19 the Early Head Start Program has shifted to a hybrid of in-person and virtual services. We are following Department of Health (DOH) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) protocols. For more information please see our comprehensive guide HERE: Covid Protocols

The Early Head Start program at KHCC has three sub groups which are described below:

Early Head Start Family Childcare

Early Head Start Family Childcare is a structured and nurturing environment designed to support and enhance infants and toddlers earliest developmental needs for working parents.

Baby School

Baby School for parents and children receive advice and support to ensure healthy growth and development for the entire family. Due to Covid-19 the Baby School program has shifted to remote home visits.

Early Head Start Pregnancy Program

If you are pregnant you may qualify for our Early Head Start Pregnancy Program. This program offers pregnant mothers in the first or second trimester information and support for healthy pregnancy, prenatal bonding, childbirth, breastfeeding, parenting, and child development . Due to Covid-19 safety concerns the pregnancy program will be done virtually for Fall 2020. 

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Maria Teresa Salgado
Director of Operations
Norma Collado
Director of Health and Safety
Luz Pena
Director of Family Childcare