Changing Futures

Price: Free

The Changing Futures child sexual abuse, domestic violence, and Campus Sexual Assault program works with 1,000 Bronx children and families annually. It is the only program in the Bronx to offer completely free long-term treatment services in a nurturing and supportive environment, that asks no questions about immigration status. Families with the most severe needs frequently experience the greatest difficulty in accessing quality treatment and are often affected by mental illness, substance abuse, and extreme poverty. 60% of participants are between the ages of 3-12, and 40% are 13 years or older.

If you or anyone you know needs help, contact us at or call 718-884-0700 ext. 100.

We offer the following therapy services:

Individual and Family Therapy

Play Therapy

Art Therapy

Group Therapy

Groups for Children, Teens, and Non-offending Parents

Support Groups for Parents and Caregivers

We also provide workshops and trainings:

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention for Children, Parents, and Professionals

Sexual Harassment Workshops for Teens, Parents, and Professionals

Date Rape Prevention for Teens

Staff Training

We help children and families through advocacy:

Office of Victim Services claim forms assistance

Information and referral

Collaboration with various agencies on needs of survivors

Adult Treatment*

We offer individual therapy and group therapy to adult survivors of child sexual abuse and other types of trauma.

Parenting Journey*

Parenting Journey is a 12-week workshop series to help parents break out of negative behavior patterns, learn to care for themselves and find support in their journey as caring parents. It is based on the belief that all parents want to be good parents, and assumes that people need an experience of feeling nurtured so they can nurture their children. Cycles of Parenting Journey are offered in English and Spanish several times a year during afternoon and evening hours. Childcare and a meal are provided as well.

*We work with non-offending parents, guardians, and caregivers.

Contact People

Lisette Abreu
Sagrario Garcia
Noris DeJesus-Petrone
Director of Changing Futures