NYS Senator R Jackson Honors KHCC

Kingsbridge Heights Community Center recently had the immense honor of being named a recipient of the prestigious New York State Senate Empire Award for the 2023. This significant accolade was graciously bestowed upon us by none other than Senator Robert Jackson, a figure renowned for his unwavering commitment to nurturing community engagement and collaboration.

The award was ceremoniously presented at Senator Jackson's annual Community First Awards event, which took place on January 25, 2024. This event was not just a ceremony, but a vibrant gathering that celebrated the spirit of community service. Representatives from various non-profits and service organizations came together in a shared space, creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and admiration for each other's work. The event stood as a testament to the collective efforts made towards bettering our communities and the significant impact these organizations, including ours, have in the lives of many.

Receiving the Empire Award is not only a milestone for Kingsbridge Heights Community Center but also serves as a beacon of motivation and encouragement. It acknowledges our unwavering commitment to serving the community, and acts as a source of inspiration, propelling us to continue striving towards our goals. This recognition fuels our determination to deepen our impact and extend our reach within the community.

We are profoundly honored to stand among such esteemed peers and feel rejuvenated in our resolve to uphold the values and objectives that define our organization. This award symbolizes a promise to our community – a promise of continued dedication, service, and positive change. It's a reminder that our efforts are recognized and valued, and it strengthens our commitment to forging ahead, expanding our programs, and enhancing the lives of those we serve. With gratitude and renewed energy, we look forward to continuing the impactful work we are known for, making a lasting difference in the lives of individuals and families in our community.