KPMG Career Day 2024

On Thursday, February 22nd, Kingsbridge Heights Community Center’s College Directions program organized a Career Day at KPMG’s office located in Midtown Manhattan. 

The event offered a great opportunity for our teen participants to gain insight into the world and workings of a Big 4 accounting firm. During the visit, KPMG professionals shared their experiences and offered advice on post-high school life, talking about their college admission process and even some valuable insights into navigating the change after high school. Some key topics included the importance of higher education, networking, and maintaining a positive online presence to upload and build one’s reputation. Additionally, the students also received helpful tips on building their resumes and envisioning potential career paths in similar professional environments to get their dream jobs. 

This experience inspired and motivated our students at KHCC’s AfterSchool and College Directions Programs to aim for a college education and aspire to work in a place like KPMG. "Our KPMG visit is definitely in my Top 3 Career Day visits we've ever had. Our participants gained knowledge about possible future career paths and learned that there is space for people like them to succeed in big companies like KPMG. They were excited to get their visitor passes and to ride the elevator, so I definitely think this will be an unforgettable experience for many of them." said Marlene Delgado, Director of Student Success Centers at KHCC. 

The day trip provided a fun and engaging perspective, allowing them to envision themselves in similar professional roles and understanding that with dedication and consistent effort anything is possible. 

We want to thank KPMG and give a special shoutout to Ose, Joseph, and Trevene from KPMG for taking the time out of their busy schedules to guide and inspire these students towards success.