KHCC Received Love Local Honoree Award

Last month marked a significant milestone for Kingsbridge Heights Community Center.

Apple Bank and St. John's University proudly recognized KHCC with the Love Local Award. This memorable event occurred at the iconic Madison Square Garden during a basketball game, bringing together sports and community spirit.

Our very own CEO, Raye, had the distinct honor of stepping onto the court to receive the award, a moment that occurred during the game's first timeout. Adding to the excitement, we were delighted to have a group of enthusiastic children from our afterschool program at ISLA in attendance. They had the unique opportunity to be among the audience, experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of the game.

The highlight for these young spectators was undoubtedly seeing themselves on the big screen, a thrilling moment they will likely remember for years to come. Beyond the excitement and the entertainment of the basketball game, this event served as a powerful reminder of the strong bonds and sense of community that KHCC fosters. It was an unforgettable experience that underscored the importance of local recognition and community support in our ongoing mission.