KHCC Literacy Programming

At KHCC, we provide literacy resources in all of our programming for our Bronx residents from cradle to career. Literacy is a vital part of our community programming that ensures our participants are equipped with the tools to live happier and more productive lives. 

It is well known that due to overcrowding and underfunding in our schools, children and youth do not always get the attention in education they deserve. As part of our literacy programming, we provide participants with the opportunity to improve their reading comprehension to supplement the traditional public schooling. 

Additionally, the English for speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program is designed to introduce our adult participants who speak other languages the basic structure and vocabulary of the English language. By providing these foundations, our participants are better able to build on higher education, better employment, and basic day-to-day tasks that involve English speaking. 

KHCC works to empower its community with resources like these to advance the community's education and well-being.