KHCC Celebrates Women's History Month

The social services field is heavily dominated by women and women of color who consistently learn, push boundaries, and care for those they serve. Women with all forms of intersecting identities make up the majority of this organization’s employees. It is important to be knowledgeable about the past to understand its imprint in the present. The National Women’s History Alliance, which spearheaded the movement for March being declared National Women’s History Month, has announced the women’s history theme for 2023; “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.” 

“Throughout 2023, the NWHA will encourage recognition of women, past and present, who have been active in all forms of media and storytelling, including print, radio, TV, stage, screen, blogs, podcasts, and more. The timely theme honors women in every community who have devoted their lives and talents to producing art, pursuing truth, and reflecting the human condition decade after decade.” (National Women's History Alliance, 2022)


Throughout this month, the Teen Center is promoting activities that highlight the accomplishments of women in media and storytelling. They are decorating their spaces within the historic 3101 Kingsbridge Terrace location with creative posters so that all who enter can leave with that information. During Black History Month, the focus was black inventors. The participants realized as they conducted their research that the majority of inventions were made by men. In a culminating project, they made video reflections of what they learned using TikTok. Some of the Black inventors they highlighted were George Crum, Fredric Arnold, Mark Dean, Alexander Miles, and Osburn Dorsey. 

Participants and staff engaged in lively discussions during Black History Month and will continue these meaningful discussions well beyond the month of February. In an effort to continue the conversation, Teen Center staff will emphasis black women during Women’s History Month. The Teen Center’s leaders prioritize engaging the participants through youth voice and choice, which allows them to vocalize their opinions and see them reflected in daily activities and program decisions. Throughout March, the team will implement more activities that accurately reflect the Bronx’s diverse cultures so that the youth feel empowered by who they are!

KHCConnect’s partnership with NYC Business Solutions to provide an Entrepreneurial Workforce Development Program for Spanish speaking women within the Bronx community will resume at the end of this month. This 12-week program will cover everything from opening a bank account and filing for an ITIN to marketing, budgeting, and making sales. All Spanish speaking women are encouraged to participate regardless of their skillset or immigration status. The goal of the group is to provide participants with basic information to be successful business women. 


KHCC’s participants, staff, and partners are composed of various cultures and identities. There is a sense of acceptance for everyone who enters our red doors! It’s very empowering for the women who come to the Center seeking services, as well as interns, to see the diverse culture in various positions, especially in leadership. Our corporate officers are all women, which can still be difficult to find in many organizations. Marisol Rios is the Chief Officer of Early Childhood, Sadie Mahoney is the Chief Officer of Youth and Family, and Margaret Della is the Chief Executive Officer. KHCC is thrilled to welcome incoming CEO, Raye Barbieri, who is also a WOMAN! Very exciting

So many amazing women work to make KHCC the organization that it is--  “a home away from home.”

  • Sagrario Garcia, she/her/hers, is the Community Organizer Coordinator. She has done a lot of work related to uplifting DV women by engaging them in fun activities.
  • Shubhra Mishra, she/her/hers, is the Communications Coordinator. She manages all of KHCC’s communication efforts! Her goal is for the organization’s social media platforms to gain traction, by providing people with consistent and fun content.
  • Roz Rodriguez, they/she is the KHCC Case Manager and Facilitator for the Parenting Journey group. Roz is constantly networking and discovering new programs and opportunities for clients. Their willingness to be outspoken and goal oriented benefits many clients who are in need of KHCConnect’s services
  • Lorita Watson, she/her/hers, is the Teen Center’s Educational Specialist. She makes sure that activities are planned in a way that are engaging to the youth and educationally rewarding. You can find her advocating for the Youth at KHCC or at protests. 

KHCC will continue sharing photos and videos on our social media platforms to get to know some of these wonderful women. They will be discussing their career, interests, and other women who inspire them. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @khccnyc to keep up with them. Throughout the month there will be other activities and initiatives surrounding Women’s History Month and others— Gender Equality, Disability, Nutrition, and Social Work.  

“When I liberate myself, I liberate others. If you don't speak out ain't nobody going to speak out for you." 

~ Frannie Lou Hamer