Impact Story: Jatnabel Quinde

Hi, I'm Freya, and this summer, I'm a marketing and communications intern at KHCC! KHCC is filled with so many hardworking, smiling faces, and I wanted to showcase a few of them in honor of the 45th Anniversary. 

Below, I have interviewed and photographed Jatnabel Quinde, Administration Assistant, for the "IMPACT STORIES" series.


How did you find KHCC?

"I sent an email to Lehman College for opportunities, and they sent back info for an intern for HR here."

Why have you stayed at KHCC?

"To learn about the HR area because it’s a very family-oriented area. It's not hostile, and I feel comfortable working here."

What’s one of your favorite memories from your time here?

"One time we had a Christmas gathering with administration and exchanged gifts, and it was a really nice experience. I was new, and they included me as though I had been here for a long time; that was when I really started working here."

What have you learned through being here?

"Ooh a number of things! In the professional area, how to be more professional, learning about accounting, payroll, being more organized in different areas. I'm still learning!"

Where is your favorite place on site and why?

"I think the garden is really nice, especially when it's sunny and fresh. You can relax a little bit from the office."