Impact Story: Jason Bonet

Hi, I'm Freya, and this summer, I'm a marketing and communications intern at KHCC! KHCC is filled with so many hardworking, smiling faces, and I wanted to showcase a few of them in honor of the 45th Anniversary.

Below, I have interviewed and photographed Jason Bonet, the Garden and Volunteer Manager, for the "IMPACT STORIES" series.


How did you find KHCC?

“I found out about KHCC through a friend of mine who worked here, and she posted the job application on Facebook and I applied.”

Why have you stayed at KHCC?

“I have stayed at KHCC because I love working here! I know that’s a really silly answer, but yeah, I like working here. I have a lot of freedom to do a lot of my own things, and I’m gaining a lot of experience while doing so. Every day is just really fun.”

What’s one of your favorite memories from your time here?

“We did have a harvest festival in October, we do one every year, and I kind of ‘manned’ the pumpkin decorating station so we had a lot of kids from a lot of my classes coming together to decorate all of these pumpkins and we just had a lot of fun.”

What have you learned through being here?

I have learned patience -- a lot of patience. Just working with a lot of aged kids has taught me how to manage different types of children. I have also learned a lot about gardening and workforce development, in general.”

Where is your favorite place on site and why?

“Ooh! That one’s easy- the bathroom! No, I’m just kidding. The garden is easily my favorite place.”