Dreaming with DMC: Youth (Re)Visions for the Future



October 14, 2022

Contact: Margaret Della




Dreaming with DMC: Youth (Re)Visions for the Future

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BRONX, NY – On October 14, 2022, Kingsbridge Heights Community Center (KHCC), in partnership with PS207, hosted Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels of RUN DMC. The event, Dreaming with DMC: Youth (Re)Visions for the Future, was a huge success. DMC shared the story of his life, challenges, and the power of dreams using words and rhythm. The event was held to inspire and motivate young people to believe in themselves and encourage them to chase their dreams. 

DMC has been a champion for the Bronx-based settlement house, Kingsbridge Heights Community Center, and has been an inspiration to thousands of children across the Bronx and beyond. In the wake of the pandemic, many students across the Bronx have felt unmotivated and pessimistic about their future. 

"We don't want children to be ashamed of who they are. We want them to stand on their honest and true selves. We want to continue to encourage our children's interests and make sure they are celebrated. We also want to instill the enthusiastic attitude to the kids that will be the next educator, scientist, or the one that will cure cancer so they don't follow the ones with shallow goals," said Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels. 

The kids are just starting their journey, learning about themselves and exploring the world. During the event, the children shared their visions and their dreams with DMC and gained some insight into how DMC’s curiosity about language and self-expression led to his passion for comics and iconic influence in music globally. 

"KHCC continues to build a bridge between our schools and our community. We're so grateful to KHCC and Darryl McDaniels for visiting our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders today. The memory of this and DMC's words of wisdom will resonate in the minds and hearts of our students as they continue to grow as leaders of today and tomorrow," said Tara O’Brien, Principal at Ps 207. 

PS207 and KHCC hope to continue to guide and help provide space for young people to pursue their dreams. 


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