A Statement on Racial Injustice and KHCC Community from Our Executive Director

 “Riots are the language of the unheard.” - Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

At Kingsbridge Heights Community Center (KHCC), we serve African American community members who, unfortunately, have to face the fear of this harsh reality. Black people in America are fighting for the right to be Black in peace. There are good people angry at an unjust justice system where people of color have waited generations for accountability.We are standing with them and will continue to stay educated, stand tall, and have hope. 

Based in a former police precinct building, KHCC values its long-term partnership with the NYPD 50th Precinct, of which many of its force are men and women of color, neighbors, former participants. They continue to work tirelessly to serve our community and have been eager to rebuild the trust between our communities. The fact remains that police brutality exists and we must call it out as we see it and work together to remove these tactics and officers. Together, we must bridge the gap between our worlds.  

KHCC is a part of the Settlement House movement in New York City. Settlement houses have been evolving for more than a century to address the changing needs of marginalized populations, combat poverty and discrimination, and empower communities to use their strengths to improve individual, family, and neighborhood life. Access to opportunities, education, resources, connections, jobs, expression, support, networks, advocacy not only improves the quality of life and advances communities, it also gives people a chance to hold those in power accountable for unspeakable acts. When unheard, people can only take so much. 

This is not just a fight for the African American community.  An injustice against one is an injustice against all. Together, white neighbors must actively engage in correcting our systems built by a complicated history and join black and brown neighbors in demanding justice, equity, a pathway to a quality of life for all.

Everyone stay safe, stay educated, and let’s use our voices for change! 

Margaret Della, Executive Director