#ItsHERStory: Cristina Torres

In over two years at KHCC, Cristina has helped to strengthen the agency's fiscal team. For Women's History month, we asked Cristina, along with other women at KHCC, to share her story in her words. Here's some of her KHCC story:

"I've been at KHCC for two and a half years. I found out about KHCC while seeking childcare. It was my last semester in college and I was about to return to work (Bank of America) from maternity leave, after delivering my first born, Savannah.

You can call it 'destiny' but, in my very last attending college, I saw a post of this Not-for-profit organization (that I was already familiar with) where they were asking for help at the accounting department. Feeling confident that I had learned English, gained enough experience working in the United States, and was one step away from my second Bachelor's Degree, I decided to send my resume for the position.

I grew up in the small City of Santiago, Dominican Republic.

I said goodbye to the family and friends whom I grew up with to come to the United States six years ago. I took ESL classes, I learned the language, I did College all over again and here I am, as if that transition had never happened.

Resilience: the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape."